3924 Royal Scott – Real Estate Photography by Henri Sagalow

This gigantic home was a great, fun shoot. It’s many rooms afforded plenty of amazing shots. And the absolutely enormous home theater filled Henri with more than a little envy. This home would be perfect for some amazing parties.

If you’re looking to list your home or property for sale or rent, it is imperative that you have a professional real estate photographer with years of experience. iPhone photos just won’t cut it when your competitors have likewise hired a professional photographer for their project. So if you want your property to stand out from the rest, don’t hesitate to call Henri Sagalow today at 702.256.3157 for a free consultation on your project.

8632 Scarsdale – Luxury Real Estate Photography by Henri Sagalow

This charming little house one is more the more interesting homes Henri has photographed, architecturally speaking. This makes for some really interesting shots where Henri’s background as an architectural photographer really shines. From the living room, to the bedrooms, and the beautiful view from the veranda, this lovely home was a joy to shoot.

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10 Yr Anniversary – Professional Event Photography by Henri Sagalow

One of the best ways to commemorate an event is with professional photos for that particular event. Doing this solidifies the memories of the event by turning them into a physical (and digital) object that can be carried and remembered for years to come.

Henri Sagalow truly enjoys special event photography. It is always great to see happy, smiling faces at the many special events he has done over the years. To play a part in so many memories, that is one of the reasons why Henri Sagalow does what he does.

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8834 Killians Greens – Professional Real Estate Photography by Henri Sagalow

8834 Killians Greens was a marvelous shoot. The afternoon lighting was just perfect. And the house, lovely. The gorgeous views from the veranda made a calming, enjoyable photographic experience for Las Vegas photographer Henri Sagalow.

For over 20 years, Henri Sagalow’s work has graced the pages of some of the biggest real estate and mortgage companies in the United States. He has a passion for real estate and architectural photographers, and is one of the most sought out commercial photographers in town.

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The Immaculate Stirling Club at Turnberry Place

The Turnberry is absolutely one of the most fantastic luxury residential high-rise complexes in Las Vegas. It contains four towers and The Stirling, a 75,000-square-foot private club complete with restaurants, bars, beauty services, and a host of other amenities like spas, pools and jacuzzis.

The Stirling Club is so beautiful it almost defies imagination. It is definitely one of the most elegant and dazzling private clubs in Las Vegas, and it was a joy to photograph.

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