Professional Event Photography by Henri Sagalow

It’s Las Vegas and you have an important event you are managing. Did you remember to hire a professional event photographer?

Having a dedicated photographer to capture the event leaves you with more time on your hands to organize and enjoy the event that you have organized. Do you really want to be running around like a madman or a madwoman organizing your event and taking photos? We didn’t think so.

At Henri Sagalow Photography, we invite you to take a load off of your shoulders and enjoy your own event. We can help you capture your event with great photography that you can use to help promote your business, put on your website or newsletter, or just for each other so you can remember all the fun you had with your friends, family, or co-workers. Event photography is great for advertising use as well.

Interested in hiring the services of a professional event photographer? Please contact Henri Sagalow at 702-256-3157 today!  And be sure to check out our home page at