Photographing A House That Touches the Sky

Weather in Las Vegas this time of year is not usually this nice. 2015 has shaped out to be a gorgeous one weather wise, which is good for real estate photographers who spend a few hours outside on jobs sometimes. The weather the day of this shoot was just gorgeous, with clear visibility for miles, making a lovely, clear-blue backdrop that was picture perfect. A truly enjoyable photo shoot, Henri endeavored to capture the magic clarity of this place. Outside, the magnificent views and places to enjoy the weather. Inside, he tried to capture the warmth of the furniture, the architecture, and of the family who inhabits this lovely home.

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Elegant Las Vegas Real Estate Photography by Henri Sagalow

31 Innisbrook was a real estate photographers’ dream. Because the project called for both daytime and nighttime shots, it was possible to get a fuller picture, so to speak, of the beauties of this property. Due to the intricacies of lighting, houses can take on a distinctly different character in the daytime versus night or dusk.

With so many different shot opportunities on such an elegant and beautiful property, Henri was bound to find some really good shots of the property, and did. If you have a property that you would like photographed by a professional real estate photographer, don’t hesitate to call Henri Sagalow at 702.256.3157. And please check out our homepage at for more information.

Another Beauty by Las Vegas Real Estate Photographer Henri Sagalow

Real estate agents and brokers will tell from first-hand experience: Professional real estate photography sells properties. In fact, much of the work surrounding the selling of a property (at least in the beginning) has to do with cleaning up the place and getting it ready for the photographer. It is in the photography, arguably, that the magic of real estate is most evident.

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Best Western Pahrump – Photos by Hotel Photographer Henri Sagalow

Watch as Henri Sagalow helps this Best Western in Pahrump, Nevada shine using his experienced hands and eyes find the perfect shot. He can make the most average-seeming room look like an outstanding place to stay for the night. Are you a hotel owner or manager looking to increase room sales? You might want to consider contacting Henri Sagalow Photography for your next project. He has been photographing Las Vegas hotels for over 20 years and counting. His many years of experience as a renowned architectural photographer have helped Henri Sagalow become one of Las Vegas’ most sought after photographers.

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Checkers – Photos of The Great America Drive-Through

If you’re feeling hungry for some burgers and nostalgia, few dining establishments capture the essence of the great American drive-through burger joint better than Checkers. And it was that very essence which Henri Sagalow was able to capture in his advertising photography for Checkers.

Talk about a great photo shoot. There is nothing like a burger, fries, and milk shake to brighten up your day. And photos of course. Lots of photos. These photos will be used for advertising purposes, and will continue to bring that Checkers value for years to come.  That is the power of photography in the digital age!

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